2-In-1 PG Parallel Charging Board XT30 XT60 2-8S Best

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2-In-1 PG Parallel Charging Board XT30 XT60 2-8S


Item: parallel charging card 2-in-1 XT30 / XT60.
Balance output cable: 18AWG silicone cable
Current: Support MAX 35 A charging current.
Output Connector: XT30 / XT60 Connector
Supports 4 packs 2 S, 4 packs 3 S, 4 packs 4 S, 4 packs 5 S, 4 packs 6 S balance charging.

1. Supports up to four packs of the same type and batteries with the same cells 2-6S.
2. Balanced port exit line with multi-strand silicone conductor 18AWG.
3. Equipped with safety protection T-connector silicone cap.
4. High quality gold plated connectors
5. Thicken PCB copper foil, allow safety with 35A charging current.
6. Equipped with a 40A fuse between any two battery groups to prevent the line from burning due to the high battery pressure.

Box contents:
1 x parallel charging card (support XT30 / XT60 Lipo battery).


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